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Motion graphics are the secret hack in taking your business to the next level. Few brands have the consistency in their content to raise eyebrows and captivate audiences. The reason motion graphics are highly rated is because even something as simple as an animated logo can be reused across all your content, giving consistency and legitimacy to your brand.

Motion graphics can help tell a story, trigger emotive responses or even help with video structure, there really is no limit. Using motion graphics in your content can help elevate your brand, as you can have short stingers (transitions) to help pacing, lower thirds (introducing graphics) to help provide context, and animation to make your logo stand out and easily recognisable.

Our motion graphics team are highly skilled and creative, always thinking of new ways to push animation boundaries in order to get your brand looking as sleek as it can. Check our portfolio, there really is no better place in Northampton to get motion graphics.

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Our Favourites

Camelot Intro sequence

We were asked to create a huge virtual livestream for Camelot. We used a Green Screen studio we built for one of our clients, and created all of the branding and graphics involved. This is the animated intro sequence we provided

Fresh Productions Showereel 2021

We created a motion graphics heavy Showreel for our partners at Fresh Productions. We decided to use this approach as Fresh offer many different services, and we could tell the audience about them more efficiently through this approach.

SA Drones Case Study Video

We created a case study video for our friends at SA Drones, for the NEXT Fosse Park shoot earlier this year. The video showcases all that is o9nvolved in creating a drone fly through video, with motion graphic elements throughout.

Motion Graphics Case Study: Fresh Productions

The Brief

Our friends at Fresh Productions asked us to create an informative, but engaging showreel that would highlight their services in a creative way. We got to work instantly, exploring different styles, finding which one would fit best.

Our Method

We decided to go with a motion graphics heavy approach to this showreel, with relevant videos to show the services. The client didn’t have a great deal of footage, so we believed the motion graphics would tie the video together nicely. We edited the title sequence to an upbeat instrumental to give the titles weight and help move the video along.

The Outcome

The finished project was a showreel that had a good pace, lots of information, and most importantly, quality content. It was good to see the reel making it to their website and social media. Fresh told us it was a great experience from start to finish and they were very happy with the finished product.

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