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Motion graphics are the secret hack in taking your business to the next level. Few brands have the consistency in their content to raise eyebrows and captivate audiences. The reason motion graphics are highly rated is because even something as simple as an animated logo can be reused across all your content, giving consistency and legitimacy to your brand.

Motion graphics can help tell a story, trigger emotive responses or even help with video structure, there really is no limit. Using motion graphics in your content can help elevate your brand, as you can have short stingers (transitions) to help pacing, lower thirds (introducing graphics) to help provide context, and animation to make your logo stand out and easily recognisable.

Our motion graphics team are highly skilled and creative, always thinking of new ways to push animation boundaries in order to get your brand looking as sleek as it can. Check our portfolio, there really is no better place in Northampton to get motion graphics.

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Our Favourites

Matrix Polymers – Hydrogen Process Explained

Matrix Polymers wanted to explain their role in the hydrogen storing process and the benefits hydrogen has for travel. Their role was through something called rotomoulding. To explain this, we created a 2d vector based animation, using lots of colours, textures and sound effects to make it engaging for the viewer.

Fresh Productions x Ivent – What is a Hybrid Event?

We created an animated explainer video for Fresh and iVent to explain what Hybrid Events are. The goal of the project was to break down the different types of hybrid events and to promote Fresh’s and iVent’s services for these different types.

Cambridge University – Experimental Results Explainer Animation

Cambridge University wanted us to create an animation to explain how Experimental Results is different to the other respected journals. The final product was a super clean 1 minute 30 second video explaining in detail what Experimental Results is all about.

Motion Graphics Case Study: Cambridge University Press

The Brief

Cambridge University Press has many academic journals. One of the journals, Experimental Results, prides itself on being the place for academics to go to publish their papers, even if they don’t fit the criteria of the usual journals. The brief was to create an animation to explain how Experimental Results is different to the other respected journals and encourage academics to publish their papers with them.

Our Method

We had a discovery meeting to go over their ideas and what they could expect from us during the process. We began with finding voice over artist and music options, whilst the script was being written by the client. Once we had the script we began to storyboard and build the scenes over the top of the chosen music. Once the storyboard was approved we then began to illustrate each scene, making sure they were ready for animation. After approval of the illustration style we carried onto finish the first draft. From there, a few amends were made before we got to the finished outcome.

The Outcome

In the end, we had a really sleek 1 minute 30 second video showcasing in detail what Experimental Results is all about. The animation was clean, and ideal for the target audience. The voice over and sound effects also complimented the video, as it tied all the elements together, giving a great backing to the video. The client was very happy, and posted it on their website and social media.

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