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Views from a different angle

One of the features we are proud to offer at Menace Media is our Drone Services. Using drones to get aerial footage is revolutionary, as it means we are able to capture your business like never before. If you have something worth filming, you might consider getting EVERY angle covered.

We have a wide range of drones, including racing drones which can travel up to 100mph, first-person view drones (or FPV) which can fly through tight, intricate areas all while being controlled by our highly skilled pilots wearing FPV goggles, and cinema drones, capable of capturing 6k footage over 100 meters in the air.

Menace Media are fully trained Drone Pilots based in Northamptonshire. We offer Drone Photo and Video Services all over the UK for property marketing, industry, agriculture, events, and more. We are licensed by the CAA* which means we have a PFCO**. This means we are certified to operate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the UK and we’re fully insured for all productions both day and night.

*- (Civil Aviation Authority)

*-(Permission for Commercial Operation)

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Our Favourites

Davis Commercial Service

We were asked to create a drone tour of the DCS facility, showcasing their new warehouse and offices. This video is complete with sound design and motion graphics to explain the different elements of the business.

Next: Fosse Park

Next asked us to complete a one take drone tour of their new store in Fosse Park. This was a great project, as we got to see the beautiful store completely empty, making for an exciting promo video.

Shadwell: Careers

Our friends at Shadwell asked us to create an homage to all the staff who have given a great portion of their lives to the horses. This classy vid gives an insight to a day in the life at Shadwell.

Drone Case Study: Davis Commercial Services

The Brief

DCS is a recycling plant for old refrigerators. They wanted a FPV Drone video to showcase their new warehouse facility, as it boasts a huge storage capacity, which they wanted to show to their clients. We knew we had to take health and safety measures as it is a warehouse with hazardous waste and large moving parts, but we were eager to get started.

Our Method

We arrived at the scene with Seb, our best drone pilot, and quickly set about scouting the area for different flight paths. Ell & Dennis were on the scene recording audio to be added in post-production. We recorded 4 different flights, and was able to combine them together to keep it flowing.

The Outcome

The outcome was an informative “one take” style video, complete with smooth transitions, motion graphic labels and custom sound design. The motion graphics were completed in-house by Ben, and were used to label different parts of the warehouse and explain their jobs. The video was used to show clients the ins and outs of DCS.

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