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Our Favourites

RaceHorse Lotto – Racing League Campaign Opener

RaceHorse Lotto asked us to create an opening video for their Racing League campaign, showing off Majestic Teejan, a racehorse up for grabs in the seasons lottery. The video included a walking interview, stunning b-roll and incredible drone footage.

Fierce PC – Cyberpunk 2077 Build

This promo video for Fierce PC turned out incredible. We were able to use our own lighting fixtures to make this futuristic PC look awesome. The colours pop so nicely and contrast with the location. A shoot were truly proud of.

Cambridge University – Experimental Results Testimonial – Dr Punit Shah

Cambridge University asked us to interview Dr Punit Shah about the journal he posted to Experimental Results. He explained to us what his journal was all about and the impact it has had on his research field.

Cambridge University – Experimental Results – Explainer Animation

Cambridge University wanted us to create an animation to explain how Experimental Results is different to the other respected journals. The final product was a super clean 1 minute 30 second video explaining in detail what Experimental Results is all about.

PCSpecialist @ EGX

This highlight video showcases the PCSpecialist stand at EuroGamer expo back in 2018. This video gives an in-depth look at some of the PCs on offer, seeing the event stand full of keen gamers and a general show of the event vibe.

Red Bull Player Profile – Sco

We were hired to create all of the video content for the Method – Race to world first live stream at the Red bull Gaming Sphere in London. SCO is the leader of Method Team, we caught up with him before his tournament.