Dennis Dean

Managing Director

Dennis is the founder of Menace Media (Hah! Yes, Dennis the Menace). Typically you’ll find Dennis behind the camera or directing. Cinematography has always been Dennis’s focus point, lighting scenes and creating cinematic images is what he does best. Dennis is a big kid at heart, a massive fan of video gaming, cars, skating and of course, films!

Ell Stone

Head Of Marketing

Ell is our head of marketing and is responsible for all of our Social Media, Website and internal marketing campaigns. Ell worked at a Digital Marketing agency for 3 years, he’s a young, creative hard worker who is always looking to innovate and make new waves in the digital space. Ell is also a recording artist and songwriter, with songs airing on the radio. One could say he has a way with words.

Ben Deegan

Senior Motion GFX Designer

Ben is level headed and always eager to take on any task. Whether he knows how to do it or not, he will go away and come back with the answer. He is a yes man with the ability to share his thoughts when appropriate, keeping the needs of the client first. During his downtime he never stops creating, whether it would be learning extra skills for the job or baking a fresh loaf for the week.

Max Aluko

Video Editor

Max is a hard-working, technical minded  video editor, with a passion for learning new techniques and executing them in his work. He comes from a web developing background, and spent 4 years at a digital marketing agency. Max is also part-time sound engineer and enjoys making music and playing games.

Seb Alfano

Drone Pilot

Seb is a fly guy. But that’s not all, he is also our most qualified Drone pilot in our team. Seb has completed some huge jobs for clients including Next and Wembley Stadium. Hes been flying drones for over 5 years, flown over 1013500 metres and travelled across the world, delivering high quality drone footage to anyone who needs it. 

Leo Robinson

Sound Engineer

Leo is a performing artist and mixing engineer from Northampton. He is a focused, dedicated musician with talent and heart in abundance. He has been the forefront of the Menace Music studio for over a year, and has helped many Northamptonshire artists find their sound and release top quality music.

Ben Harding

Events Manager

Ben is our Events guru. He’s the driving force behind most of Menace’s Event based content, as he has a knack for organising and making sure things are in place. Driven, composed and a calming presence at any shoot, Ben is key in helping manage big accounts and making sure the ball never stops rolling