Menace Media Partners

Here at Menace Media, we believe in the power of networking and collaboration to make projects the best they can be. That’s why we love partnering up with other businesses that share our vision and goal. We feel that to create a truly breath-taking project, it is beneficial to have experts from different sectors come together so we can relay, propose and execute new and exciting ideas.

We also partner with other agencies to become an extension of their team. Allowing them to expand capacity and offer our services.

How it works

Our partners will have jobs come up in their field, whether it be a website build, an event or any other project that can benefit from our video, photography or audio services. This works the other way around too. If we take on a job that needs expertise from another field, then we will reach out to a suitable partner and provide them with the work.


  • Closer working relationship – Quicker turnarounds, faster quotes, more efficiency in projects.
  • Trusted providers – Reliable video partners for any job
  • Consistent results – High-quality content every time
  • Discounted rates – A Partner Discount for selecting us as your partner.
  • Open communication – Frequent contact ensuring a good understanding


If you think your business would benefit from a healthy business partnership with Menace Media then get in touch!

Our Partners

Fresh productions

Fresh Productions specialise in corporate event production, both virtual and real life. From event management to live streaming, they are committed to taking full control of your event and delivering you great results. Their event managers are driven, creative and effective in what they do and work alongside you to achieve the best of the best.

SA Drones

SA Drones are drone pilots specialising in FPV fly-throughs and drone photography. They have  been flying drones professionally for over 5 years, meaning there is plenty of experience in those propellers. They love to fly, collaborate and create beautiful aerial film and photos. Their passion for what they do flows continuously throughout all projects and they work closely with us to achieve stunning results for our clients.

VEO Events

Veo Events are a large scale events company situated in the heart of Berkshire. Their location allows them to provide the popular southern counties and London’s finest Venues and establishments. They specialise in large scale events production, Tour Management, Corporate or Conference Services, Exhibitions, as well as Global Scale VIP Events; including Formula 1 Hospitality, Royal or Celebrity endeavours.

CI Group

CI Group are a collective of 6 different digital agencies from different parts of the country. They bring together a unique combination of specialist skills to create outstanding campaigns, backed by the power of data and insight. They’re A fast-growing agency network of creative, strategy, technology & executional experts who deliver brand impact.


Guy is a self employed digital marketing expert, specialising in e-commerce, and Digital strategy. His expertise has helped many local business take control of their online sales, and helps improve year on year revenue. He offers extra resource where needed to help you get that big project over the line including management of PPC, Social Media, SEO and much more


YUMYUM Creative solutions are an all in one digital marketing agency appealing specifically to small businesses to give them a head start in their online platform. YUMYUM helps local SMEs in and around Northampton with effective website design and successful digital marketing campaigns that deliver. They do so while remaining transparent about their processes and pricing.

Our top 3 collaborations

Menace x Fresh – CI Studio Build

Menace Media and Fresh productions joined forces to create a fully contained green screen studio for CI Group. The studio was built in CI’s Office and was created to help their clients with virtual events and live streams. Ourselves and Fresh combined our industry experience to create a high spec studio, that many clients have since taken advantage of. Above is a highlight video of one such event, and below is a few pictures of the studio.

Menace x SA Drones – DCS

Menace Media and SA Drones collaborated on this detailed drone fly through of their recycling facility in Earls Barton. SA Drones were key in operating the FPV drone, using their many years of experience to fly around all the intricate parts of the warehouse. We then took the footage, and added motion graphic call outs and titles to give insights in what goes on at the facility. A very interesting project with lots of learning involved!

Menace x SA Drones – Promo

This video was created for SA Drones by Menace Media. The idea of this video is to give more context into how a drone shoot works. The video highlights all the stages involved before flying, including pre-flight planning, briefing and booking airspace. We used our shoot with NEXT to give context, as that was a shoot Menace and SA Drones worked together with. An insight as to what we can do for our partners.

Fancy becoming a partner?