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Live streaming has had a massive increase in recent years, here at Menace Media, we’ve been ahead of the rest for a while. We are Northampton’s best live streaming service, with clients such as MCM Comic con and Play Expo bringing us along to broadcast their events to huge audiences.

We offer high-quality live stream productions at low and effective costs. We can make custom arrangements in order to deliver a stunning broadcast of your show. Our crew is well-experienced and we know how to make your event one to remember.

We have professional in-house equipment ready for any production to give you the best in audio/visuals. This allows you to reach out to different audiences all across different social media and live streaming platforms such as YouTube, Twitch and Facebook. For private conferences or embedded live streams to your website and/or intranet we can live stream to Vimeo.

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Our Favourites

Camelot Conference

We created a virtual event that was live streamed to all of Camelot’s employees on behalf of our client, CI Group. We used the studio we previously created to host the event, and created the 3D stage, with all included graphics for the stream.

Streamers Connected: Scotland

Our friends at Streamers Collected brought us in to help with their showcase at MCM comic con: Scotland. We created the stage, made it compatible for audio/visual, then set up the live stream of the event. It was the biggest gaming stage at the whole of Comic Con.

Streamers Connected: London

They enjoyed our work so much that they brought us along for the next! This series of events required all hands on deck. Again, we supplied the equipment necessary to broadcast the convention to all streaming platforms.

Livestreaming Case Study: CI Group

The Brief

CI Group are a collection of agencies that deal with a range of different companies in the digital sector. They were looking for a production partner that could set up and run different types of events in their main office. They had a big space, but no equipment and no crew to run the events.

Our Method

We measured out the space, created some 3D models and made a shopping list of all the equipment we would need to make the studio a reality. After a solid week of graft, we had the 9m x 3m green screen studio ready to host virtual events. This was during the peak of Covid-19, meaning we had to cater for the lack of in-person events. 

The Outcome

The end result is a green screen studio that can broadcast live to the internet, for hours on end with minimal staff presence. The studio has been used frequently to accommodate CI’s big clients, including Apple, Adobe, Callsign, Camelot and HP. We are able to set up streams, then create 3D rendered stage designs, to make the events feel like they’re happening right in front of you. We’ve completed lots of work for CI group, and look forward to more exciting projects in the future.

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