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The newest feature Menace Media offers, arguably the most important part of branding is graphic design. The fact that your company logo, website, emails, social media and products will all have elements of graphic design, means it’s crucial that you get it right. Most businesses already have some graphics, but there’s no such thing as overdoing it when it comes to making your brand consistent.

We’re proud to offer stunning graphics at a very competitive price, and as graphics can be used across all of your business platforms, they offer the most bang for your buck. We analyse your business, pick out key features and find ways to enhance them creatively through graphic design, meaning your brand will be easily identifiable to new audiences.

If you would like some new graphics for your brand, get in touch with us, as we have creatives at the ready to elevate your online presence.

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Graphic design Case Study: NLive radio

The Brief

NLive radio were after a rebrand from their old name “Shoetown Radio.” They wanted something more modern, something to portray the idea of connecting people living in Northants and to be considered the go-to radio station for the area.

Our Method

Our Senior graphics designer, Ben, had a few really good ideas, showcasing different interpretations of the brief, in order to give the client multiple logos to choose from. He combined music with community to create a very friendly and fresh look.

The Outcome

In the end, the client went with the headphone over sound bars logo, a logo which is now well known amongst Northampton radio listeners. Ben then went one step further and delivered concepts for T-shirts, banners, van decal and social posts, showcasing their exciting look for their launch event in Market Square.

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