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Setting new levels

The only thing more important than the quality of the visuals is the quality of the audio. We know that more than most. No matter how good your video looks, without crisp audio, people will click off it. Here at Menace, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond in audio. All of our editors have Top-spec active studio monitors to get the right sound for your project. Our office is also fully acoustically treated, meaning we hear everything the way it should be heard.

Unlike other digital media companies, we have a fully treated sound booth too, meaning we can facilitate professional voice overs and narration in your video. Along with our database of professional voice actors, your project is sure to raise eyebrows, as well as set new levels.

We are the only Media company in Northampton to have a music studio on site. Our highly skilled sound engineers can cater for everyone, whether you’re a rapper, singer or a complete beginner, Menace Media is here to help you find your sound. Get in touch so we can get started.

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Our Favourites

Cambridge University – Experimental Results Explainer Animation

Cambridge University wanted us to create an animation to explain how Experimental Results is different to the other respected journals. The final product was a super clean 1 minute 30 second video explaining in detail what Experimental Results is all about.

Roadchef – Costa Drive Through

This promo was done for Roadchef to advertise one of their new Costa drive-through locations. This was a fun project, playing on the theme of racing pit stop, complete with engine dubbing, sound effects and a fun leader board showing coffee times.

HALCO – The Beefy Boys

This was a really fun project we completed for our friends at HALCO. This was part of an April fools campaign which included a voice over,  Foley sound replacement and music to tie it together. A fun watch.

Audio Case Study: Earths Lonely Angels

The Brief

Earths Lonely Angels is a charity that supports and provides food for homeless people in and around Northampton. Aine Cullen (Head of Earths Lonely Angels) got in touch with us with 2 things; a song, and a dream. She wanted to recreate an old family song into a studio recorded track with a music video.

Our Method

One of our sound engineers invited Aine into the studio, listened to her track, and then set about creating a brand new instrumental. One that had a Christmas feel, but also a reflective tone, something that pulls at the heart strings.

The Outcome

The final product was a fully mixed and mastered song, made to raise awareness of the homeless community during Christmas time. The video was on ITV News Anglia and was commended for the high quality and professional sound. We were really happy we could do our small bit for such a big cause.

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