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Menace Media is a digital media company located 15 miles away from Bedford Bedfordshire is our neighbouring county, and has a rich history, with well preserved architecture and captivating culture. It’s only 30 minutes away from Menace Media’s head office meaning we can be there to shoot before sunrise. We’ve filmed for lots of different clients in Bedfordshire, and always enjoy seeing the Victorian heritage.

We love working with businesses in our local area, as it allows us to branch out our network and reach new connections. We like to refer our clients when we can, to try to help support their business. When we work with companies, we fully back you to succeed, and will do all we can to help achieve your goals. You can also view becoming a partner here.

Menace Media specialises in a range of different media, from video production, to photography, to motion graphics and even live streaming. You can view our services here, or you can get in touch with us here.

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Our Favourites

Thornton Hundred – The Body Coach T120

This project was a super one to be involved in. Our friends at Thornton Hundred created a custom Triumph T120 for Joe Wicks (The Body Coach). He came through to pick it up and loved it! Check out Joe and Jody talk bikes and more.

Shadwell – MOHAATHER

MOHAATHER is a former racing and breeding horse owned by our friends at Shadwell. This majestic creature has won championships, and now lives a life of luxury, providing DNA for future horse champions. This video is an homage to a legend of the sport.

Fierce PC – Cyberpunk 2077 build

This promo video for Fierce PC turned out incredible. We were able to use our own lighting fixtures to make this futuristic PC look awesome. The colours pop so nicely and contrast with the location. A shoot we’re truly proud of.

Where are we?

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