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Here at Menace Media, we believe in the strength of having good content to back up your claims online. There are so many ways to do this, as the digital age has blessed us with infinite possibilities when it comes to making your business stand out online. The one I’m going to focus on today is adverts.

Adverts can be the making of some businesses, and the crux of others. With such a huge range of adverts available to reference, it can be very difficult to find what style of advert suits your brand’s image. We decided to create an advert for our own company in June, and we have seen a great response in enquiries since it dropped. With good target audience research, solid ideas and a nice foundation, Adverts can send your business into the stratosphere. I’m going to break down 5 reasons why a company advert could explode your business.

Introduce yourself to new people

When trying to promote a business, a common problem that companies face is finding new ways to put your business in front of new faces. Of course, you can try paid ads on social media or google ads, but if you’re going to put marketing budget into your company, then why go half-hearted? Digital adverts are optimised for social media, websites and YouTube, as you’re able to condense paragraphs of information about your business into 1-2 minutes.

You’re able to create your advert to highlight certain sectors of your business you’re proud of, while including key information you want new faces to see. A well-made video will stay in the mind of a potential new customer way more than paragraphs of written information. Great adverts come from good ideas and good execution, so to make the most of the time, consider getting in touch with video professionals, who can optimise your resources to the best of their ability.

Engaging Content

Releasing an advert shouldn’t be a one and done job. An advert is a great achievement, the fact you’re able to invest the time and money into creating a piece of content designed to be viewed by thousands of people should be celebrated. The way to celebrate the release of a great advert is to give it an equally great campaign; especially one with good engagement and interaction.

Before you release the advert, draft up a release schedule for all of the content surrounding the advert. This includes behind the scenes pictures, teasers, planning stages, and bloopers. Having a well thought out marketing strategy for a big project like an advert can be really beneficial to generating hype and interest around your business. You can also take smaller segments of your advert and use them as soundbites, social posts or even memes. Any content that can be made from something that already exists is a big win.

Viral Potential

With all digital content in this day and age, the potential to go viral lingers around every release. Social medias like Instagram, TikTok and Twitter all have algorithms designed to push high quality, engaging content to the forefront of their users. That means there is a potential for your advert to ride the wave all the way up to viral stardom, which would obviously put your business in front of thousands of new faces.

A good example of viral adverts is the dollar shave club’s  “Our blades are f***ing great” campaign that was released 9 years ago. ( – Our Blades Are F***ing Great) The reason this campaign performed so well is due to the witty dialogue, visual gags and a good understanding of the target audience. This advert has amassed 27 million views, and is regularly used as a case study to other companies. If you want to make an advert go viral, you have to create something new, fresh and entertaining.

Good performance indicator

Company adverts aren’t just great for promoting business, but they also offer a unique perspective on how the business is performing. If adverts are a regular part of your social strategy, then you can compare your first advert to your most recent. See what things have improved, what things are new to put in, and what you’ve achieved. Having an archive of adverts that can be shared with customers is a great way of showing successes within the business, and levelling up.

Trust within your brand is the key to obtaining regular customers, so if you have a good selection of online content, including adverts, you’re giving your business every chance to be trusted by a stranger who stumbles upon your page. Gauging the feedback from an advert can also assist in your decision making around marketing strategies, and who your target audience is. They are a great indicator on how highly your customers think of you, mixed with where your business should be directing too.


Lastly, creating an advert gives the ability to establish your tone of voice as a separate entity. Many brands have images, graphics and colours, but tone of voice is important when marketing your business to the masses. The public has to decide if they like the way you present yourself on social media. You can use us as an example.

We are a team of young lads, who like to make great videos, play games and watch movies. We wanted to convey that image into our company advert. The way we did this was using motion graphics accompanied with a fun, light-hearted voice over, to give the advert a true reflection as to how we operate and manage. The end result was a friendly introduction to our company, highlighting our services, and showcasing some of our work. It went down really well.

So overall, there are a plethora of reasons why a company advert will benefit your business. It offers a new dimension to your marketing strategy, and when done well, can explode your business overnight. There are plenty of companies who are known for their great adverts, and there’s no reason why you can put your name right beside them. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, follow us on social media to


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