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Motion Graphic videos have exploded in popularity over the past decade. It’s very hard to find a video with no motion graphics on it anymore. That’s extremely telling of how important they’ve become in modern day video marketing.

Whether it’s branded lower thirds, Animated logos or call outs, motion graphics are at the forefront of keeping your videos consistent with your branding. This blog is going to give you an idea of how important motion graphics are, and how only a small investment can yield lasting results.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are a staple in the motion graphics world. The idea of breaking down difficult concepts into small, bitesize chunks, consumable by the casual viewer is game changing. A lot of companies have good websites, SEO rich content and a solid game plan, but fail on the first hurdle when the viewer is unsure what the service you actually provide is. If something hasn’t gripped their attention within the first 5 seconds, you can bet your bottom dollar they will click off your website.

A good start for an explainer video is to write down the message you want to send out, and try and break it down to its simplest form. Once you have the core message, you can then explore the way you want it to be visualised. This can be tricky for someone who doesn’t know what they are looking for. That’s where creative professionals can lend a hand. We have a great understanding of motion graphics, you can learn more about that here. In the meantime however, you can also think about what tone you want to set with your video. Motion graphics are super versatile, and can even be accompanied by a voice over, to explain what visuals are happening on screen.

These videos are ideal for software companies, corporates, businesses who work in niche fields and b2b companies. If you’re selling a service or software, you want your audience to be well-informed before they leave the video, otherwise it’s pointless making it. The goal is to make it as engaging as possible in the shortest amount of time, so think of the most appealing part of your service (what benefits the client, makes their lives easier etc.) and put that in the limelight, then work backwards.

You can even take individual stills from the video to use for social posts or step by step visuals, meaning you can make more from the video than just the video. Explainer videos are the most efficient way to communicate a message in a short amount of time, which is why many corporate companies have opted for that route. It also helps that animation can be completely customised to your brand’s guidelines and colours.

Branded Graphics

As mentioned in the introduction, branded graphics are a complete risk free investment which can add legitimate value to your business’s online presence. Having an animated logo at the start of all of your social posts will boost brand awareness, and give your business the professional look before the video has even started. Not to mention the fact that you can add it to all media your business publishes.

Animated lower thirds are also a small purchase that can improve your brand’s image. Matching with the guidelines, this is a quick way to make your audience feel more engaged, as you can give names and context to the person speaking. When a video loads up and you have a random voice telling you why you need the service, it can be a bit jarring to a casual viewer. So to have “John Smith – Marketing Expert” appear, it can give the viewer the context to continue listening.

Animated transitions, or ‘stingers’ are another great investment of motion graphics, as again, you are able to keep the same branding. You can also use them over multiple different types of media, and they help with leading into new segments and timing. Using them as pace setters, you can upload different length videos to all your platforms, with the same professionalism and consistency.


When you have a clearly defined brand image, you are able to branch out and network with notable people/companies in your field. As mentioned, the branded graphics offer a new level of legitimacy, and trust to your customers. With a growing, trusting audience, and an optimized brand image, you are ready to get creative with collaborations.

Collaborations are a great way of putting your business in front of new people, as most collaborative projects involve 2 companies with different services/products. With your refined graphics, you would be able to supply the other company with high quality marketing material, and have them post them up on their social media and website. This will incentivise any followers from one company to check out the other. It’s very simple in theory, but requires good planning, and a solid strategy to reap the benefits.

SEO & Website Benefits 

So once you have a good grasp on how you’ll benefit from using motion graphics in your business, you can start applying your knowledge to your points of transaction. For most people, it will be the website. We briefly mentioned websites at the start, but the website is usually where the bulk of your sales will be made, so you want to make sure it is the best looking.

Adding the graphics that match your brand guideline is a great first step to making your website look the best it possibly can. When directing customers to a website, they need to feel they can trust it, so make sure your site is consistent with the brand. If you have an animated explainer video, then you need to put that on your homepage. Google is 82% more likely to boost your search ranking if your website has a video on the homepage. So combining the SEO benefits, with the engagement benefits your video will provide, makes for a brilliant, digital win.


The final point I’ll raise is one for the design heads. The people who are eager to impress with a pencil in their hand. You can use motion graphics to really get creative, as they can work as a template for you to try new ideas. One thing that companies struggle with is taking risks and trying new things. With an ever changing social media climate, it can be difficult for companies to go against the grain, and make something unique.

Motion graphics afford you that freedom. As with making a 3-5 second animated intro and outro means you can make any type of content you see fit. As long as you stick to your brand’s guidelines, you will be able to proudly publish new, engaging content ideas with your logo at the forefront, with immediate thoughts on how professional your content looks. After all, during the pandemic, with an increase in virtual events and live streaming, the only thing saving the webcam quality and bad wi-fi was  good animated graphics and transitions. It’s proven in the long run to be a good investment.

I hope you enjoyed the breakdown of motion graphics, and how it can improve your business. If you have any questions or queries on how we could potentially assist your business with motion graphics, get in touch with us today for a free quote and consultation.


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