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So the social media game is one that always seems to catch people off guard. One moment you have a complete grasp and you’re smashing it. Next thing you know, your posts are getting 6 likes. It can be hard to invest time into if it isn’t yielding the results you want. It might be worth switching tactics to videos for your socials.

Using video as your primary social media content can be an effective marketing strategy, as video is proven to be the most engaging form of media on Instagram and Facebook. We here at Menace Media know all about creating effective video campaigns for a wide variety of clients. We have made many successful social media videos for different industries, and were passing on 5 tips to help keep your social media active in 2021.

Bulk recording

Bulk recording or bulk shooting is the practice of filming weeks or months worth of content in one shoot. This is achieved by careful planning, with a good understanding of the different types of engaging social media content. This might include customer testimonials, interviews, explainer videos and vlogs. All can be achieved with similar camera set ups, saving time and effort.

Based on your audience research, you should be able to find at least 5 different video types that would engage your audience. Whether that be known formats like Q&A’s, or something new you’re trying out. Making your video content stretch out over a month or longer is a good way to keep viewers engaged, as you have a clearly structured campaign. Hopefully with iconography to establish the campaign’s posts compared to your normal posts.

Plan in advance

This goes hand in hand with bulk shooting your content. Planning campaigns weeks or even months in advance can not only benefit your shooting schedule, but give you a clear sense of direction and a goal to work towards. Based on your research, you can set up a campaign, specifying posts you can run alongside your normal social media. 

Planning content ahead can help keep your weekly marketing tasks at a minimum, focusing more on new strategies. When you’re planning a campaign, using tools like Sendible and Hootsuite will allow you to schedule posts in advance, meaning once you have the content, you can distribute it over the duration of the campaign. This will save much more time in the long run as you are taking away the spontaneity, and giving your business the structure it requires.

Jumping on trends

Jumping on trending topics and themes are a good way to keep your content engaging with a social audience. Audiences react positively to content that is trying to reach out to them, without trying too hard. If you force yourself into relating to an audience you aren’t targeting, you will have the “cringe” factor, and people will click off.

An easy way to gain a more organic audience is to keep up to date with trends on social media. You want to be keeping an eye on any trends that you could apply your business to. For example; if there is a trend of touring offices, and you have a decorated office, join in! It will take no longer than 5 minutes to create a TikTok or Instagram reel filming your office. Just by joining in with a trend will put your content in front of thousands of new eyes. Then if people start following or interacting with your content, you can then talk to them about your business. It’s the first time they see your business that is important, and you want to leave a good impression.

Re-use content in creative ways

After several campaigns of good content, you will see you have a backlog of content that’s either unused, or already posted. This could be seen as a lot of wasted hours of footage. That’s the glass half empty approach. The optimistic way to look at it is you have several hours of unseen footage of your business! There are endless possibilities for you to keep your socials fresh with content you’ve already recorded.

One way for example would be a highlight video. Gathering recent clips of campaigns you’ve done showcasing the best of your company. Another example might be monthly recap videos. This will be gathering content up over the last month, writing a blog detailing what you’ve achieved, and then adding a video with appropriate clips. That way you’re being content efficient, as well as cost effective, as you are making new content from already existing material.

Regular Feedback

Finally, asking for feedback from your audience can be a great way of getting valuable information in order to alter your campaigns. The people who will offer feedback are the people that regularly view your content, so getting their views can be crucial in increasing interaction. If your audience can see you taking on board their feedback, they’ll feel more valued as a viewer.

You want your audience to feel that your business is approachable and has a personality. If you’re a stone face corporate business posting generic content that doesn’t appeal to your audience, you’re obviously going to have less interaction. Find out what your audience  wants to see, and use their advice

So hopefully you’ve learnt a thing or two about keeping your social media fresh and active. We recommend making sure you have a high quality content provider to assist in keeping your videos as professional as they can be. We offer a range of digital media services, which you can view here. You can contact us here if you have any questions, and we hope you have a nice day.


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