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Customer testimonial videos are an easy way to guarantee positive results for your business. Just the simple setup of a camera, lights, and equipped microphones can really make a huge impact on your business’s online profile and increase engagement. The main goal is to have your customer share their experience of working with your business, talk about the positives, and how your business trumps any other business in that field.

Although the premise sounds simple enough, there are many key factors that separate a high quality testimonial video from a low budget social media post. There are many reasons why customer testimonials are worth investing in professional help. I’m going to discuss 5 key reasons why your business needs testimonial videos.

Validating your business

With so many different online courses, so many so-called professionals, and a more saturated market than ever before, it is of the utmost importance you separate your business from these smaller businesses. The quickest way to legitimize your brand’s services is to have your own customers backing up your claims. With a high quality video testimonial, featuring a few clients who you have done a great job, you will sway the neutral mind into siding with your business. 

People learn from people, people listen to people, and people talk. Preferably you want them to talk about your business. So if anyone stumbles upon the video, you want to leave the viewer with the impression that your company does exactly what it says on the tin, with customer satisfaction at the forefront.

Large return on investment

Here at Menace Media, we tackle lots of different video projects. We have different scales, budgets and difficulties. The one video style we know we guarantee results on every time is a customer testimonial video. And usually only taking 1 day to film, they’re often the most cost efficient.

So let’s say you pay for a customer testimonial video with two clients at your office. 1 day of filming, 1 day of editing. Job done. The amount of people you can put that video in front of, and show good customer service mixed with high quality product or service, it’s almost priceless. The potential for obtaining new customers goes through the roof. According to Vendasta, 92% of shoppers now read reviews before buying products. So to have a review given by another customer in a similar position to themselves, means your business has a good advantage compared to those who don’t.


As I said earlier, people talk to people. People talk to other people about things they buy, or things they do at work. With CT videos, you’re bridging the gap between businesses and their customers. When working with B2B Businesses, having a name recognizable by other similar brands in your sector can be the difference in securing new clients. New clients want to feel like they are making the right choice, and to show your network of well known brands, is going to be a big step in ensuring trust.

Not to mention referrals. If you see a company that you know personally in a CT Video, that is a perfect prompt to ask them about how you found working with that business. If the response is positive (which it will be as it’s in a CT video) then that is a great opportunity to work with another new client. Use your clients networks to your advantage.


One thing many businesses struggle with in the digital age, is having a good consistent flow of engaging digital content. This is usually to do with not being able to make your niche service appeal to a general mainstream audience. The kind of audience that will show support on your social media channels are people that know a lot about your industry, and can identify quality product/service when they see it. The best way to achieve this is by having customers talk about your brand/service in a positive light, then posting that on social media to engage with your following.

The fact of the matter is, CT videos are a brilliant way to engage a more casual audience, as they will be able to learn more about your business, by listening to your average person talk about their experience. The more people saying positive things, the more engagement your brand will receive.

Boosting online profile

This one ties in well with the previous point. In this age of  a million companies and a million websites, it’s important to stand out. One thing that is super important to marketing tools such as google ads, is having a fully optimized website with SEO taking precedence. One thing that boosts SEO rankings is having relevant videos on your website.

Customer Testimonials are a good video style to have in abundance on your website. Partly due to the fact it’s solely about your business. But also due to the fact that if you have a vast library of different customers giving you positive reviews, then you’re guaranteed to generate interest, and can market your superior customer service skills.

So hopefully that gives you some insight into the value of customer testimonial videos. At Menace Media, we sell a lot of them, and we wanted to give you some information as to why that is the case. We hope you enjoyed reading and learned a thing or two.


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