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Menace Media has Levelled up.

Welcome one and all to the first ever Menace Media Blog. We’re super excited to bring you a platform to keep you up to date with all of our projects. This is a behind the scenes look into the life of a Digital Media Production Company. In this edition, we’re going to do a round up of all the things we’ve been up to in the last few months, give some updates about the company and tell you what our plan of action is.

Post Covid

Covid-19. I know you’re probably sick and tired of hearing that word by now (we certainly are) but at long last, it seems as if we’re coming out the back of it now.
During Covid, we were hard at work with our clients, making the most of the outside space and keeping to government guidelines. The common misconception with the pandemic is that companies should shut off their marketing as it wouldn’t be reaching audiences and they wouldn’t be getting new customers.
We shot for many clients during the pandemic, and found that the videos we were shooting consistently garnered more views during the times we were locked down. We believe this is due to the large amounts of people sitting at home, on laptops and tablets and being bored out of their minds.
Using video marketing, mixed with a bored audience is a recipe for success. We’ve seen it first hand, towards the back end of 2020, we saw a massive influx of businesses getting in touch and requesting quotes for big projects, showing that just because people weren’t out and about, doesn’t mean that’s an excuse to stop marketing your brand. If anything, it should be taken as an opportunity to make your business stand out from the rest.

Our New Base of Operations

Every king needs his castle, every mouse has his hole. But here at Menace Media, a fully kitted out office will do us just nicely. All of our team are equipped with colour calibrated display monitors to make sure your videos are as visually stunning as they are captivating. We’ve also invested in state of the art active studio monitors to mix audio and keep it sounding crisp.
Our office is fully acoustic treated, complete with a soundproof recording booth and a range of different condenser microphones to accommodate for any type of recording, from music to voice overs, we’re ready for anything.

Ready Player 2

With the upgrades in the office and the new wave of optimism we’re feeling from seeing the last of the coronavirus, it’s only right we level up in terms of how we’re presenting ourselves.
Player 2 has entered the game.
Meet Ell. Ell is our new head of marketing and is in charge of the Menace branding and heading up all internal marketing projects. He worked 3 years in a respected digital marketing agency, and has tons of ideas on how to take Menace Media to the next level as well as finding the best way to utilize your content for maximum profitability.
He will also be on set as a camera op and assisting on shoots, so look out for him in the future.

For the future

The future looks bright here at Menace. As we get settled, we ponder on all the infinite possibilities on how we can show our expertise and day to day with you guys.
We’ve settled on a blog twice a month, one blog showing the business side of video marketing, and a monthly round up of all of the interesting things we’ve done in the month. We’ve also decided to up our social media game, with more consistent uploads and a wider range of content. We have the facilities to do anything here, and it’s about time we stopped being so modest.
With an ever growing client base, and a million different ideas ready to explore, get in touch today at to get your free quote, and begin your journey to success via video.


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